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Headlines from Two Rivers Tribune:

An Eye on the Future 12/12/2014
Glaze, who spent decades as a promoter and organizer of basketweaving, is now 82 years old and hobbled by arthritis and even occasional difficulty breathing, but she is still working hard with an eye on the future.
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First Baptist Church of Hoopa Ordains New Pastor at Well-Attended Ceremony 12/12/2014
Lawton said his good friend Caprice Agglof, who helps organize the yearly Vacation Bible School (VBS) in Hoopa, first drew him to Hoopa. “I hadn’t heard of Hoopa until about two years ago,” Lawton said. “I’ll be here for as long as God leads; two years, 10 years…”
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Deadly Roads 12/04/2014
Hoopa, Karuk and Yurok lands amount to less than 25 percent of Humboldt County’s total land mass, but these areas were the site of 33 percent of all traffic related fatalities in 2009, and over 50 percent of the county’s fatalities in 2008.
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Willow Creek Resident Promoted to Captain of Eureka Police Department 12/03/2014
Stephens gave a wide grin and said, “When I was a young kid I wanted to play baseball. I kind of held onto that dream until I was a senior in high school, then I realized that even though I was good, I wasn’t Major League material.”
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Meeting of the Fire Minds 12/03/2014
During the summer, one of the driest on record, 220,000 acres were afire in the Klamath Forest and, at the peak, 6,800 firefighters were deployed. It all cost approximately $175 million. The Two Rivers Tribune attended the Salmon River AAR session. The area near the community of Sawyers Bar burned in the White’s Fire and there were a few days when the town itself was threatened.
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Surveillance and Sewage 12/03/2014
The board then turned its attention to the meat of the meeting: Unfinished Business, in the shape of 1) a plan recently taking shape to install a system of surveillance cameras downtown, and 2) an engineering report on a wastewater system that’s been in the works for years. Though the hired consulting engineers were eager to tell their septic system story and be on their way, the meeting’s attention would first linger on the camera plan, which had finally found a forthright critic.
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Nip it in the Bud 12/02/2014
Most gardeners in the Klamath-Trinity have encountered Peach Leaf Curl – the curled, deformed leaves that appear on peaches and nectarines in the early spring. Problem is, by the time it’s visible it is already too late to treat it; in fact, the ideal window for controlling peach leaf curl is coming up in early to mid-December.
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Health Front: Vaccines, Kidney Stones and Ritalin Abuse 12/02/2014
A CDC whistleblower has now gone public with a statement posted on a law firm web site that confirms that vaccine risks were suppressed or hidden, in regards to the increased risks of autism among African American males receiving the MMR vaccine. The letter, written by Dr. William Thompson does allege that CDC scientists wanted to alter or bury significant results linking the MMR vaccine in 2004. Since this time the CDC has always reported that vaccines are absolutely safe. The entire health care industry always marches lock-step behind them.
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KIDE is in the business of promoting Social Change and advocating Environmental Justice. KIDE programming and outreach activities encourage a healthy quality of life. As a Native owned radio station KIDE has a special responsibility to reflect the values of Native culture and address Native and tribal issues, while still serving listeners from all parts of the local community.

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