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Headlines from Two Rivers Tribune:

Talking Pot, Cannabis, Marijuana and Flowers in Hoopa 03/26/2015
A citizen initiative to repeal the Hoopa Valley Tribeís Title 34 slated for the April 28 primary election ballot has conversations at council, community and kitchen tables on the rise.
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54th Annual All-Indian Basketball Tournament 03/26/2015
The 54th Annual All Indian Basketball Tournament brought teams from around Indian Country together for a weekend of friendly competition and fun. As is traditional, local young women compete for tournament royalty positions by fundraising in the community. The proceeds help pay tournament expenses.
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Book-of-the-Year Author Brings Comedy to Serious Issues 03/26/2015
Not a soul was left sitting as applause roared through Van Duzer Theatre on March 5 following Sherman Alexieís two-hour laugh-a-palooza before a sold-out crowd at Humboldt State University.
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Inter-Tribal Warriors Gather For Rafting Trip On Smith River 03/26/2015
The water was so clear it was hard to tell where the sky ended and the river began. Every rock and pebble was visible beneath the surface and sunlit mountains shrouded in darks forests towered above the river. The roar of rapids echoed off the canyon walls, as did the sound of laughter and the call of paddling commands. A line of seven colorful rafts came into view, filled with paddlers wearing broad smiles as they navigated the enchanting waters of the Smith River.
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Health Front: How to Reduce Colon Cancer Risk 03/24/2015
By boosting older adultsí participation in colon screening, colon cancer would kill 21,000 fewer people each year. Colon cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. Yet, in 2013, only 58 percent of American adults aged 50 to 75 underwent the recommended screening for it. A study published March 12 in the journal Cancer said that lack of screening is responsible for a substantial percentage of colon cancer deaths.
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Senior Prank Gone Wrong 03/24/2015
Shock and great sadness overcame students, staff, and the community last Tuesday morning, March 10, when an unused deer carcass was found lying in the center of Hoopa Valley High Schoolís gymnasium floor.
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Health Front: Heroin Overdoses Increasing 03/24/2015
More than 8,200 Americans, an average of 23 people each day, died of heroin overdoses in 2013. Thatís according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This is the latest evidence that the nationís heroin problem is becoming more severe. According to the CDC, the rate of overdose deaths in 2013 was almost triple what it was in 2010, and the increase is evident across all ethnic groups.
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KIDE is in the business of promoting Social Change and advocating Environmental Justice. KIDE programming and outreach activities encourage a healthy quality of life. As a Native owned radio station KIDE has a special responsibility to reflect the values of Native culture and address Native and tribal issues, while still serving listeners from all parts of the local community.

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