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Community Radio Stations are the Peace Corps of Radio, June 20, 2016                                

By Mike Henry, CEO Paragon, Media Change Agents, since 1979


Seated in center Jaclyn Sallee, President/CEO Koahnic Broadcast Corporation trustees of the satellite channel, Native Voice-1 (NV-1)

Community Radio Stations are the Peace Corps of Radio (Full Article)



We share this world you and me.  We share this world.


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Mission Statement:

KIDE is in the business of promoting Social Change and advocating Environmental Justice. KIDE programming and outreach activities encourage a healthy quality of life. As a Native owned radio station KIDE has a special responsibility to reflect the values of Native culture and address Native and tribal issues, while still serving listeners from all parts of the local community.

Our Organization:

• License Holders

The FCC awarded the KIDE Frequency to the Hoopa Valley Tribal membership 18 years of age and older. The registered voting members 18 years of age or older elect the membership and the chairperson of the Hoopa Valley Tribal Council. Each term is for two years. There are no term limits.

• Our Board of Directors

The Hoopa Valley Tribal Council is the official Board of Directors of KIDE-FM. Hoopa Tribal Radio, KIDE-FM is an entity of the Hoopa Valley Tribe. The Tribal Council meets in regular sessions on the first and third Thursdays of each month. Periodically KIDE is a Business Item on the Council agenda. Please see the Community Calendar of Events for the dates, times and the agenda of the called meetings. Please refer to the left sidebar under Business for the names of the current Council/Board members and of the current KIDE Management. Also see the names of the current Community Advisory Board.